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La nostra Sede
Cittadella (PD)
Viale dell'Industria, 6 z.i.
35013 Cittadella (PD)
Tel. 049 9401122 r.a.
Fax 049 9401431
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Il Parco Mezzi Oltre 20 mezzi commerciali

Disponiamo di veicoli commerciali per ogni esigenza.


CTP Perozzo Impianti srl has been in charge of design and installation of technological and industrial systems  since 1974,  researching and applying innovative techniques and systems which can ensure more reliability, functionality, saving and compliance with business needs. Technological innovation has been main character  in the last  years, living  intense acceleration and technological development applied in any field. The coming years will be owned by companies taking every opportunity available on the market, helped by their synergies to implement and apply technological modernization.

CTP Perozzo Impianti Srl is certainly part of the group, as it has worked and always looked to the future this way.


Number of employees:
Its employees were 50 according to last record in January, 2014.

  • Technical staff: there are 15 people covering the following roles: 2 engineers, 8 industrial experts, 2 surveyors, 2 senior accountants, 1 junior accountant;
  • Manpower: there are 35 people operating as  foremen or workers.
  • The company also employs more than 20 technicians and external workers with unique skills and experience.


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