Since 1974 CTP Perozzo Impianti Srl has been manufacturing and installing industrial and civil plants, researching and applying innovative techniques and systems able to ensure more and more reliability, functionality, economy of operation and respect for the company’s needs. Technological innovation has undergone an intense acceleration in recent years and technological development extends to all sectors. The next few years will belong to those companies that will be able to take advantage of all the vital opportunities and possible synergies to implement and apply technological modernisation.

For customer satisfaction, the quality of the product is closely linked to the choice of the most suitable system for the customer’s needs.
For this reason CTP Perozzo Impianti, in the pre-sales phase, proposes itself as a partner of designers and installers to collaborate and support them in the best choice from a technological and functional point of view. In this perspective of updating and continuous training of the personnel, starting from the ’70s, CTP Perozzo Impianti has started a programme of updating and training courses that take place in a centre specifically created within the company. Each product, in the after-sales phase, is followed throughout its life cycle by an extensive service organisation that ensures its best functioning over time.

CTP Perozzo Impianti Srl for how it has always operated and for how it has always looked to the future, is certainly among these companies.


To date the company can count on a total number of 50 employees

PTechnical staff : there are 15 resources divided as follows: 2 engineers, 8 industrial experts, 2 surveyors, 2 accountants, 1 accountant;
Personale operativo : ci sono 35 risorse suddivise in caposquadra e lavoratori.
Operating personnel: there are 35 resources divided into foremen and workers.