Our team

Ci avvaliamo di tecnici specializzati e ci prendiamo cura degli obiettivi dei nostri Clienti

Commercial Supervisor
Mr. Nicola Pavanello
Cellulare: +39 334 9897960
e-mail: nicolap@ctpperozzoimpianti.it

I.C. perozzo antonio

mr. perozzo gianfranco
Technical Director
i.c. lago luca
Purchasing Manager and Quotes

i.c. perozzo luca
Responsible for the Technical Sector

surveyor perozzo cristina
Development Project Graphics
dr. Perozzo Antonia
Responsible Administrative Area

accountant lazzari pietro
Responsible for Accounting

i.c. simioni luigino
Technical Site
i.c. bosco andrea
Technical Site

i.c. girolimetto samuele
Technical Site

i.c. beggiato nicola
Technical Site
mr. pavanello nicola
Commercial Supervisor

Its employees were 50 according to last record in January, 2014:

  • Technical staff: there are 15 people covering the following roles:  2 engineers, 8 industrial experts, two surveyors, 2 senior accountants, 1 junior accountant;
  • Manpower: there are 35 people operating as  foremen or workers..

The company also employs more than 20 technicians and external workers with unique skills and experience.