We manufacture air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation systems.


nstalliamo and certify air conditioning and refrigeration systems of the best brands in both civil and industrial sites. We pay the utmost attention to design and installation.

The requirements of environmental conditioning can be extremely different depending on the type of environment that you intend to air condition. Depending on your needs, you can choose between air conditioners, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, air purifiers or complete air conditioning units that combine all the above functions.


We design and maintain the air conditioning system with the utmost attention to energy consumption.


The purposes of environmental conditioning are different:

    • improving the physical well-being of people
    • enable the correct operation of the equipment, removing the heat generated by it and keeping the temperature of the rooms within acceptable limits with respect to the technology used


In order to achieve these objectives, it is necessary to design the system, knowing the seasonal values of relative humidity and temperature outside the room, the volumes to be air-conditioned and the technical details useful for plant sizing.

In a domestic air conditioning system, the refrigeration unit, consisting essentially of a refrigeration compressor and an air condenser, is usually installed outdoors (typically on a balcony). A hole in the masonry allows the hydraulic and electrical connection, which continues inside ducts specifically created inside the walls of the accommodation. In the internal rooms, (often in strategic points, such as living rooms and bedrooms), one or more splits are positioned, i.e. the refrigeration devices, inside which the refrigerant fluid evaporates, which, receiving the user’s commands (often by means of a convenient remote control), draws in the internal air, releasing it treated, which has the desired thermo-hygrometric characteristics. In hot-humid environments, the system cools the air and dehumidifies it, producing dry air and water. The discarded water is conveyed into hydraulic pipes and expelled into the network, but can also be collected in a pot and reused for irrigation.

Usually several indoor units are combined with one outdoor unit, so that costs are considerably reduced. There are also many air conditioners on the market without an outdoor unit to improve the aesthetics of historic buildings.

Our services and what we do

With inspections and surveys in the field we determine the requirements and together with the customer we choose the best technological solution.

We install the equipment, check that it is working properly and activate the system.

We issue the certifications required by the regulations.

Like any other technological system, it requires regular maintenance.

We install air conditioning systems of the best brands, together with the customer or according to the call for tenders we define the best solution in terms of performance / cost.

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