The photovoltaic system is a system for the production of electricity by direct conversion of solar radiation, through the photovoltaic effect. A photovoltaic system is mainly composed of: a set of photovoltaic panels, one or more inverters, i.e. groups for the conversion of the direct current produced by the modules into alternating current, a special meter used to measure the energy produced, and other minor electrical components for the protection and insulation of the system.

Photovoltaics is an investment for the future, as it means, depending on the individual case, significantly reducing or eliminating the electricity bill altogether.


We have always drawn energy from sources that are “exhaustible” over time (e.g. wood, coal, oil, natural gas), which are far longer than current consumption and which are also responsible for the pollution to which we are subjected.
Current technologies allow us to draw energy from “renewable” sources which, by their nature, are not “exhaustible”, have a negligible environmental impact and do not compromise natural resources for future generations.
The sun is one of those endless and zero-polluting sources of energy. It periodically provides us with all the energy we need.

Those who choose to install a photovoltaic system, improve their quality of life and that of those close to them, producing clean energyand reducing Co2 emissions, which are harmful to the environment.

In particular, photovoltaic plants are a convenient and conscious choice because:

  • The technology of photovoltaic systems, contributes to lower Co2 emissions
  • Photovoltaic panels are made of easily available materials -such as silicon-, are non-toxic and recyclable.
  • The photovoltaic systems do not emit any kind of harmful gas
  • They can be easily integrated into the urban environment and are always positioned in spaces that would otherwise not be usable

Our services and what we do

We design and install photovoltaic systems with “turnkey solutions” aimed at full customer satisfaction.

Designing means designing, conceiving and shaping a system taking care of every detail and with a single objective: the maximisation of solar energy production over time.

The installation of a photovoltaic system is one of the most delicate phases.  It is the moment when from the project on paper we move on to the real site and just and requires a high level of professionalism and experience.

With inspections and surveys in the field we determine the requirements and together with the customer we choose the best technological solution.

We install the equipment, check that it is working properly and activate the system.

We issue the certifications required by the regulations.

Like any other technological system, it requires regular maintenance.

The testing phase of the photovoltaic system is a crucial moment in which the correct functioning of all the elements (photo-voltaic solar panels, inverters, switchboards) and the correct connection to the distribution network is verified.

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